Saturday, 10 November 2012

Kit review- Liquid Grip

I was sat at work the other day, pondering a few things about the Spartan Races that I've done so far this year. The main thing that hit me was how slow I was up the ropes at the end of the courses. These were the ropes soaked in mud and water up the "Wall" obstacles. You need to pull yourself up the 45 degree slope via the ropes, and with the slope being covered in plastic and soaked, all of the effort needs to come through the rope.

The problem is that because the ropes are soaking wet, you have to clench your grip very tightly which not only tires your arms out but makes you spend longer securing each grip. In addition, your hands naturally start sliding down the rope even once you have grip.

So, I was (very) bored at work one day and my mind started wandering onto the subject of what I could do to help with this. I remember hearing a friend of mine at the local supplements specialist who competes in and organises strongman competitions raving about a new product called Liquid Grip. Liquid Grip is designed to be a modern alternative to chalk used in weightlifting and strongman competitions to achieve greater grip. So would it work for me legging it around assault courses covered in thick mud and water?

I put in a call and bought a small tub to try it out. I used this opportunity to have a pop at my first video review of the product. I must apologise for the poor quality of the audio- I'm currently sourcing a microphone for my GoPro for doing these in the future :-)

In short, it was amazing. Even with a soaking rope the Liquid Grip help me keep a very tight grip with the same effort as if the rope was dry. As my hands didn't slip, I was able to climb the rope in my garden with ease. I also did a short test on holding up a soaking sandbag- Again a common obstacle on the Spartan Races. Once again, the Liquid Grip held up really well.

As it came with a carabiner, was small and in an easily squeezed tub, I figured it'd be perfect for a run. So, based on my short test I took the decision to attach it to my shorts for the upcoming Beast. More news to follow after the race!

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